Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up-Close and Personal

For the "up-close and personal" art theme, this N64 colored pencil drawing was my choice. 

  When thinking of up-close and personal, the personal got my attention. The idea came from my childhood. The N64 reminds me of my brother and I, and when I was younger. With this, I created the idea and played with it, no pun intended, until this composition was perfect for the drawing.

  When working on this project, over time depth a value need to be put in to make the consol look more realistic. Stepping back and seeing where darks and lights need to go is very importand. Also, where details need to be more defined. With this project, how the light hits the consol and the wires is very important, and using light colors add a lot to the drawing. As well as value, the space around the consol needs to be tgought about. Looking back, and seeing the empty space and adding a simple yet just right background can change the whole piece.

  Colored pencil, for me, was a somewhat new medium for me. I have only really used colored pencils before to show color. I learned during this project how to layer the colored pencil and add darker and lighter shades of the colors. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident with the colored pencils than I have before. This project had definitely been a good learning experience, and has shown me skill and what I can actually do with colored pencils.

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