Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scientific Project

This stump pencil drawing was done for the scientific and contrast project. Along with the idea for the stump, mechanics and the human body were also a part of the scientific theme. The lessons that were taught were very helpful with the drawing medium as well as techniques. They showed how to shade with a certain medium, and how to use the medium for getting depth in the drawing. With my final art work piece, I used pencil for my medium. I showed the value and shading by applying different amounts of pressure with the pencil. Also, different leads were used to get deeper or lighter values. I chose pencil because for me it's easier to show that value with the amount of pressure that can be put on of off the pencil. With pen, for me it's more difficult to show that shading, and not getting it too dark too quickly. Charcoal has the same issue, getting too dark too quickly. With charcoal, it's also not refined enough. The lines aren't able to be very precise, to the point where it looks too rough. In my art, I used shading to show the bumps and ridges of the tree, and the value of how the stump is curved around the edges. The risky thing that I had done was all the bumps and curves in the root of the stump. This definitely worked for me, it gave the stump character instead of it being boring and just straight. This project was a good first project. It allowed me to practice and work with perspective and value through the shading and darkening in certain places. It was very beneficial. 

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