Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up-Close and Personal

For the "up-close and personal" art theme, this N64 colored pencil drawing was my choice. 

  When thinking of up-close and personal, the personal got my attention. The idea came from my childhood. The N64 reminds me of my brother and I, and when I was younger. With this, I created the idea and played with it, no pun intended, until this composition was perfect for the drawing.

  When working on this project, over time depth a value need to be put in to make the consol look more realistic. Stepping back and seeing where darks and lights need to go is very importand. Also, where details need to be more defined. With this project, how the light hits the consol and the wires is very important, and using light colors add a lot to the drawing. As well as value, the space around the consol needs to be tgought about. Looking back, and seeing the empty space and adding a simple yet just right background can change the whole piece.

  Colored pencil, for me, was a somewhat new medium for me. I have only really used colored pencils before to show color. I learned during this project how to layer the colored pencil and add darker and lighter shades of the colors. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident with the colored pencils than I have before. This project had definitely been a good learning experience, and has shown me skill and what I can actually do with colored pencils.

Candy Medium

Our candy project was used to try out color mediums. For the wrapped candy, chalk pastels were used. The pastels create vivid, smooth color, but for me were hard to control. For the lolipop, colored pencils were used. These were very easy to control for me. Multiple colors can be used to create lighter and darker values. They're a little hard to blend but pressure on the pencil can help blend colors. The last color medium is oil pastels that were used on the can. Yhe oil pastels were fun to use. They're not smooth, but create vivid color. They are also a little difficult to transition to the other colors. These mediums create really vivid color, but can be hard to control. Out of the three, the colored pencils were my favorite to use. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scientific Project

This stump pencil drawing was done for the scientific and contrast project. Along with the idea for the stump, mechanics and the human body were also a part of the scientific theme. The lessons that were taught were very helpful with the drawing medium as well as techniques. They showed how to shade with a certain medium, and how to use the medium for getting depth in the drawing. With my final art work piece, I used pencil for my medium. I showed the value and shading by applying different amounts of pressure with the pencil. Also, different leads were used to get deeper or lighter values. I chose pencil because for me it's easier to show that value with the amount of pressure that can be put on of off the pencil. With pen, for me it's more difficult to show that shading, and not getting it too dark too quickly. Charcoal has the same issue, getting too dark too quickly. With charcoal, it's also not refined enough. The lines aren't able to be very precise, to the point where it looks too rough. In my art, I used shading to show the bumps and ridges of the tree, and the value of how the stump is curved around the edges. The risky thing that I had done was all the bumps and curves in the root of the stump. This definitely worked for me, it gave the stump character instead of it being boring and just straight. This project was a good first project. It allowed me to practice and work with perspective and value through the shading and darkening in certain places. It was very beneficial.