Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sticky Situation Project

Venus Fly Traps were my idea for the Sticky situation. This piece was made out of acrylic paint. I had worked with acrylic before, but this time I noticed a particular style that I was doing. When I paint, I like to do more strokes than blotches of paint. Mixing the paint, I also learned more about. I learned to notice what colors needed what other primary's to get the color I wanted. As I worked through my painting, I talked with other people around me about it, they gave me advice about what I could do to have more depth and what to do about the colors inside the plants. About half way through, I got the colors and outline of the plants done. I had to look and try a couple things to see what I could do to make it have more depth and make it a little more realistic. I added some darks and lights to add depth and some color to the inside, it just makes it pop a little. This project I think was a success. It turned out better than I thought, and the color really helps it stand out.